Northwest Wall Tents is able to save you money because you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Our Wall Tents are used across Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland and far north. Being made and sold in Canada, our tents do not have the additional cost of U.S. Brokerage fees, GST or shipping charges which can add up to a high amount. By buying from us you would be supporting a local company and saving a lot of money at the same time. Plus our prices are lower then any other Canadian wall tent supplier.

A video of our insulated 12' x 14' Canvas Wall Tent

INSULATED CANVAS is comprised of a triple-layer fabric designed to retain internal heat while keeping the snow, rain and cold air out. A water-resistant outer shell is made of FR canvas to resist rot and mildew. A second layer of thermal bonded batting creates an efficient heat barrier while a third layer of spun-bonded polyester provides a smooth, breathable interior surface. Insulated canvas will also work to keep interiors cool in the summer.

Quality construction with double-stitched seems and all corner stress points reinforced, heavy duty zippers used throughout. Stove pipe jack (6") with a roll down insulated cover panel. Frames are made of large diameter seamless extruded aluminum tubes with joiner fittings. Includes heavy duty PVC coated carrying bags. Call for prices.